Senior Care

Located within the compound of our Home, the Senior Care Centre offers eldercare services to support seniors with multiple care needs and provide respite to caregivers within the community.

Our Senior Care Centre offers the following services:

Maintenance Day Care

  • Provides care for seniors through social activities and maintenance exercises while their caregivers are at work

Dementia Day Care

  • Engages seniors with dementia through structured and personalised cognitive activities and games

Community Rehabilitation

  • Assists seniors who are recovering from stroke, hip fracture and other illnesses to maintain, regain or improve their functional abilities Provides customised exercises and training programmes designed by our team of Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist

Centre-Based Nursing Service

  • Assists seniors in basic nursing procedures (e.g. Medication Packing and Wound Management)

Our Philosophy of Care

Our model of care encompasses both clinical & bio-psychosocial care. We endeavour to deliver a person-centred care that empowers and enables our residents to lead a meaningful life and enjoy intergenerational activities at SJSM Village.



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